Pre-Conference Tours

Roudebush VA Hospital and the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana

This tour consists of visits to the Richard L. Roudebush Indianapolis VA Medical Center , a large hospital serving veterans from a 45 county area in Indiana and Illinois, and the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI), one of the premier rehabilitation hospitals in the state.  At the Roudebush VA Center, participants will visit multiple sites within the facility and learn about disability/rehabilitation issues affecting veterans.  At RHI, participants will see state-of-the art rehabilitation facilities and hear a presentation on traumatic brain injury. This pre-conference tour is limited to 24 participants. 

Life Essentials

Life Essentials designs and builds assertive technology products to help individuals across the country gain their independence at home, work, and outdoors. These quality products are custom built and installed to meet the individual needs of the user. Tour this unique facility to see some of the products that Life Essentials offers in addition to how they are manufactured and distributed. The bus will stop on the drive up for lunch and light snacks and refreshments will also be provided at Life Essentials. This pre-conference tour is limited to 10 participants.

Thursday Tour

Exploring Agritourism and Niche Markets

This tour will explore the basics of agritourism beginning with a stop at the Tuttle Orchards. Here, we will see diversified horticulture business growing apples, vegetables, and greenhouse crops. Agritoursim, fruit production, greenhouse and vegetable will also be discussed. Next we will travel north to the Carley Elk Farm where we will explore the alternative livestock niche operation by touring the farm and pastures, sampling elk meat, and discovering the many uses of elk. Lastly, we will travel to the farm of an AgrAbility client to tour his place and explore the modifications that he has done to his showpig operation and grain farm.

Alternative Agriculture

This tour begins with a stop at an AgrAbility client’s farm where the client trains and shows horses. Next we will visit a working livestock ranch, row crop farm, and private hunting preserves : the Presnell Plantation, which provides guests, youth, disabled veterans, the terminally ill and other deserving individuals and non-profit organizations with a place where they can enjoy many outdoor events and experiences. Lastly we will visit Not Just Popcorn, a one-of-a-kind, family-owned popcorn facility. We will watch as popcorn is popped, candy coated, and packaged for distribution through wholesale and retail outlets. The tour ends with a tasting of some of their most popular flavors.

*All photos courtesy of the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association unless otherwise noted

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Off-site events

Several sites are featured for the off-site event planned during the workshop this year.

Indianapolis Circle Of Lights